Fabio Mauri

An Erasmus Story

A tale about Travel, Love and Music
in a Europe once more fractured

An Erasmus Story - The Plot

The Europe of 2031 is gripped by conflict and division, consisting of small, regional states that only share a mutual enmity. Travel is forbidden and numerous, isolated sub-networks have replaced the Internet. Defying the border restrictions, a group of Erasmus students decide to reunite and celebrate thirty years of friendship. They are supported in this difficult task by the Europeanists, a clandestine association which still fights to bring unity and peace to the continent.

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The book falls in the category of adventure/dystopian fiction and is made up of two installments: Along the Danube and Mediterranean Ocean. The main topics of An Erasmus Story are:


The book takes places in every European country, as the main characters move through the Continent or their memories. Expect lots of Erasmus and Couchsurfing stories.


Klára and Daniele, the main characters, were a couple during their Erasmus exchange in Austria. They decide to meet again with their friends to celebrate thirty years of their friendship.


Because life without music would be a terrible mistake. The Erasmus friends discuss and exchange music from their own countries, playing and singing together.

Meet the Author

“Playwright, alpinist, opera lover, UKIP supporter.
I am none of the above.”

Fabio Mauri, the author of An Erasmus Story

Fabio Mauri


I was born in Italy in a time when Google did not exist and the Berlin Wall was still standing. Since my childhood I always loved writing and drawing but I studied software engineering, figuring it was a good way to earn the daily bread.

I wrote this book to share my passion for traveling, the only thing that costs you money but makes you richer, and to bring a message of hope in a world that seems to have lost its way.

In my free time I try to travel as much as possible, hitch-hiking and couchsurfing. I also play classic guitar and I am always keen to learn something new about popolar music. Beside that, I have a cool website about things I like.

Here are some

Chosen excerpts

"He was completely alone, and he knew nothing about the place he was headed with a little suitcase, a ticket to ride, and the promise of a meeting. He savored that for a moment, then he laughed with a feigned calmness. All this uncertainty made him incredibly happy."

"He ate with Klára and some other friends from the student body almost every evening. Despite the cold room, the run-down furniture and a refrigerator that only worked sometimes, the young students could have been in the great hall of some famous castle, complete with banquets, speeches, concerts, parties and dances."

"A heaping plate of pasta, a fine wine, and the right musical ambiance made everyone seem intimate and open to discussion, much more than the nightly news would have you believe."

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