As in a Last Supper (1976)

Voilà Midae

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Voilà Midae da As in a Last Supper, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
Voilà Midae, testo
In the court of the great Khan and beyond
You can hear the legends of my fame
In my peacock driven carriage
I have come to you.

Tell me everything about your troubles
Nothing is mysterious to me,
and I can heal you.

Maybe I will cost you dearly
But does it really matter, it's only money
I'm here for you.

If you need help for your troubled soul
You have found the very one you need in me
My dear friend.

I don't ask much not really
I'm only here for money,
after all

It's only money...
voilà Mida!

[voices from the market]
scampoli di personalità
lacche per fissare le idee
date famiglia a tartaruga
sarete con chi conta
ideali a prova di bomba
pissicanalisi per tutti

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